About Gromit Capital

It's simple. We let the dog choose where we should invest. Want in?


Our mission is to maximize our clients' returns while still being able to sleep as effortlessly as a carefree puppy.

Our founder, CEO, and CIO

Gromit (A.K.A. Grommie, G-Man, The Grom, or just Grom) is the wizard here at Gromit Capital Partners ("GromCap"). He typically makes his picks first thing in the AM, and then spends the bulk of the day relaxing in the warm sun. A lot of napping goes on here at HQ. Finally, as the markets close, he sometimes checks in again in preparation for the next trading day.

Our Team

It takes more than one financial K-9 wizard to generate the sorts of returns our clients realize each year. Meet some of the MVPs of our team.


Chief Executive Officer
Chief Investment Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Security Officer


Chief Revenue Officer

Riley J.

Chief Compliance Officer


Chief Animal Officer


Chief Recruitment Officer


Chief Operating Officer


President, Canadian Markets


Chief Oversight Officer

Toy Box

This is where authenticated clients can access a variety of GromCap-proprietary research tools. For now, feel free to take a peek at some of the toys as the toy box is coming together -- no account required.


This is where authenticated clients can get guidance on GromCap's strongest convictions and current "buys." For now here are some of Gromcap's faves.

Tesla Logo

We've been loving this since Gromit's humans got into Tesla as consumers. Plus, who else offers the ever-so-thoughtful "Dog Mode?" Production ramping, prices dropping, innovations coming -- Tesla rocks.

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Amazon Logo

Let's face it, almost all our toys, sleep sofas, walking implements, and more come from the big daddy of eCommerce. Healthy treats from Whole Foods, not to mention AWS is taking over the world as well. Though it has had quite the run already, we still expect lots of growth.

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ARK Invest Logo

Though we are zeroing in on the flagship fund here, ARKK, we are actually big fans of each of the ARK* funds (ARKF, ARKG, ARKK, ARKQ, ARKW, and ARKX), and think that whenever you are not sure about which aggressive investment you want to commit to, then you can't go wrong hopping into one or more of ARK's innovative ETFs. If you have a five-year or longer time horizon, ARK* is the place to be.

Chewy Logo

Who can keep their tail from wagging when Chewy packages arrive at our doorstep? Seriously, though, here at GromCap we pretty much have a preference for any equity devoted to our kind.

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Enphase Logo

Enphase is really the leader in the solar space and especially when it comes to microinverters, and since TSLA's solar goes the inverter route, there is room for two overlapping solar plays in our short list of faves. Enphase has lots of growth to come.

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Jaws Spitfire Logo

This is the latest addition to our hot picks and may only be for a trade. And yes, yet another SPAC deal. Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corporation (SPFR) will be acquiring Velo-3D to get it public.

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Special Funds

Transmigration Fund

Many funds are geared to deal with your end of life situations, but at Gromit Capital we think beyond death. If your soul can pass into another corporal body, why shouldn't your wealth be passed along as well?

Our fund manager "Church" specializes in transmigration funds for the afterlife. Afterall, who better than a cat with nine lives to manage a fund geared towards reincarnation.

You've worked hard all your life, and Church and the team will guarantee that your money works hard after you pass. Based on the works of Ian Stevenson, your fund will be available for your next vessel to claim up to 18 years after your passing -- or up to 25 years with our deluxe Schrödinger's Cat package.

Worried you come back as a sloth and miss the "deadline?" Not an issue. If not claimed in time, you can designate where money can be disbursed-- your local SPCA, World Wildlife Fund, Save the Manatees, or your own pet. Or even leave to your own human relatives. We'll obey any command.

Best Advice

We consider the following image (Source: Fidelity Investments) to be the singularly most effective illustration to encourage young people (and animals) to start investing as early as possible. One can find this invaluable illustration, as well as great tools to get started, on Fidelity.com. By starting super early, developing habits of save/give/spend splits, and seeing the results of compounded growth, even after life starts getting demanding, one will have a good basis in both foundational investments and habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the idea with this? An investment firm?

You bet your 401K and IRA it is. After years of keeping his trades private and limited to his own accounts, Grom eventually started sharing ideas -- first with the other animals he'd see on walks or on play dates -- and eventually with fellow investors and traders across the United States.

Is this for real?

You bet it is.

How do I get access to the toy box and treats?

At this time we are limiting access to a small set of beta investors. We periodically review our ability to add additional members.

I don't see a careers page. Are you hiring?

Ours is a very exclusive team, but if you think you have what it takes to be among the first-ever team of animal investors, please don't hesitate to send us your bio, preferred role, and a 600x600 pixel bio-worthy photo.

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